From Vice Principal's Desk

Education is a dynamic Process of growth which lasts as long as there is life. Education is determined by what is one's aim in life / what one wants to be, what one considers to be good or bad for him /her etc..

In a democratic system, the aim of education is provision of facilities for all round development of the individual's potentialities. It is the responsibility of the teachers, parents and society. A combined effort will bring out the best in each child and help him or her develop oneself to the Maximum.

In the process we all have a duty to teach the child respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-dependence and the welfare of all, around him/her. This goes well in line with Rabindranath Tagore's vision of education; it's not only the acquisition of knowledge but the development of the whole person.

At North Point we strive hard not to focus only to the classroom but also to its exterior. We also try to remove the Remoras from the lives of our students. Thus they get purified under our experienced and patient mentors and become balanced and contented individuals. Thanks to our parents and guardians for their perpetual faith and trust in us.

Mr. Nellikunnel John George.