Games, Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Culture and many more!

North Point Residential School, Siliguri is a cauldron of academic and non-academic activities. The qualified and experienced Physical Education, Music & Dance, and Art & Craft teachers work together to conduct several sports and cultural activities allowing students to showcase their talents.

Sports in particular come under the umbrella of Home and Physical Education and we have a range of Indoor and Outdoors games to offer. Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Football and athletics represent the class of Outdoor Games whereas Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Badminton etc. come under the fold of Indoor Games.

Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Craft highlight the cultural significance and play a pivotal role in shaping and moulding the strong student's character, thereby creating a strong sense of belongingness towards school. Therefore, the Annual Concert and Annual Sports Day are conducted every alternate year to present the platform to students to work together to polish the skills they are born with or developed within a time. Besides the regular co-curricular activities like school fete, annual prize ceremony, freshers, farewell, inter-house activities, inter-school competition etc go along with the calendar presenting endless opportunities to students to take the centre stage of the school