Safety & Security

School safety refers to the provision of a safe environment in schools where measures are taken to protect students from bullying, harassment, violence, and substance usage. A child will be able to focus on learning only when he/she feels safe in the learning environment. Our children are our strength and their safety and security are our primary concerns. Hence, it is important to ensure the provision of a safe environment. The school gates will be manned by trained guards. Proper screening of visitors will be done at the entry points. Rigorous norms will be in place for those seeking out passes during school hours. CCTV cameras will be used to continuously monitor and ensure school security.

The school building which is more than just an amalgamation of reinforce concrete structures is a temple for all and to secure those coming to seek knowledge in this grand temple is our primary concern. To inform you all the school possesses a building safety certificate validating its resilience. Besides the fire safety norms, boundary walls, transport precaution; hygiene and water certificates all are in place as per the guidelines of CBSE to strengthen the safety protocol of the school.