Audio Visual Classroom (Smart Class)

The Classroom attempts to provide a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. Every classroom has a large writing surface where the instructor or students can share notes with other members of the class. As per CBSE norms, every classroom has dimensions i.e. 520 sq. ft. In the classroom, furniture is provided as per children's needs.

The induction of the Tata Edge Smart Board in every class is an effort of the school to support the process of learning. It's a well-accepted fact that audio/visual learning is subsidiary to modern mechanisms of teaching. Therefore, the school has procured and installed Tata Edge Smart Board to maximize the potential of students to learn and proceed.

The commodious classroom is well furnished and stands well monitored through CCTV ensuring the utmost safety and security of the students. The arrangement of seating has been done to offer a great learning space for students. Besides, the logical segregation of classrooms with the availability of all necessary amenities within each classroom ensures the constant development of children allowing them to enjoy maximum time inside the class learning, growing, and sharing knowledge with each other.