Life in the Best Boarding School in Siliguri

At the very outset, we welcome everyone to one of the most conducive Boarding School in Siliguri wherein we have put our sincere effort to provide a great learning environment for students to strive for excellence.

The ambiance is a wholesome amalgamation of aesthetics and academics with amenities balanced ever so perfectly to meet the needs of the students. The safe and secure atmosphere encourages children to develop a great sense of belonging to a school and boarding curriculum.

The separate dormitories with sanitized washrooms and toilets highlight the comfort of the highest level beside the Residential Hostel Superintendent and his team is always on their feet to ensure smooth day-to-day administration and supervision. There is a firm set of rules governing the hostellers, but the overriding aim is the establishment of a sensible, friendly environment within which the hostellers can develop personal qualities, a responsible attitude, and respect for individuals.

The Professional team of Residential staff along with studies epitomize the importance of indoor and outdoor activities to support the overall growth of the students. Health and well-being are of paramount importance and being the best boarding school in Siliguri, West Bengal regular workshops, counseling, and research and development sessions are held to cultivate a seed of progressive transformation.

Facilities unlike any others
Separate and spacious dormitories for boys and girls.
Sanitized Washrooms and Toilets.
AC Dinning Hall and Mechanized Kitchen.
Healthy and Nutritious Food prepared by an experienced chef in accordance with the suggestion of a Dietician.
Remedial Classes under the strict supervision of a Residential Teacher.
CCTV and security surveillance.
Recreational Activities as instructed by the Physical education teacher.
Yoga and Meditation for health and well-being.
Regular health checkups under the supervision of a trained nurse.
Nature-oriented premises.
Laundry Service.
Daily Housekeeping.