From Chairman's Desk

"The development of a tree depends on where it is planted".

In North Point Residential School, relationship between staff and students are friendly and mutually respectful; where a modern approach to education offers opportunities for all-round developments. Students are given lively and friendly environment with a wide range of academic and extra curricular opportunities to develop their individual interests and talents. The school aims at making the child, a true citizen of the world, with positive attitude and respect for culture and heritage. It is true that you know your child better than anyone, but we believe by working as a team we can encourage and support their development. We aim to make your child feel safe and happy at North Point Residential School, so that they can add to their success and confidence to face the new challenges. The school is for imparting quality education and to give your child an experience of happy learning. A committed team of well qualified teachers supported by dedicated and professional management staff is the success story of North Point Residential School over the last two decades. For further queries I look forward to your visit to North Point Residential School to discuss person- ally. It `s about `Your Child's Dream'.