Exclusive Dining

The dining area of our school is a blend of inviting aesthetics and elegance. The AC dining hall with over 20 executive chefs and support staff maintains the decorum of the dining area. The modern mechanized kitchen is well-operated by professionals. The rooster of food served to students and staff is fresh from the farm.

The organic food prepared under the vigilance of the executive chef pass through the desk of the dietician before being served to students. The weekly food rooster is prepared and scrutinized by the chef and dietician which makes the dining experience healthy and nourishing.

The ambiance of the dining room is not just beautiful but equally hygienic as stewards make a point of weaning headgear, masks, and gloves to serve food to create a holistic dining experience.

It is important to note here, the meals are served 5 times a day and it's a balance diet with combination of fruits, salads, leafy vegetables, confectionary, proteins and all essential minerals and vitamins required by a body for a steady growth.

Wardens are responsible to ensure the child under them are well nourished beside the dining etiquettes which is a part of discipline is enabled in every child so they understand the value of food and good food habits.