Academics Overview

Nursery - The Formative Stage
The formative stage of learning is very crucial as it forms the foundation of a child. At North Point Residential School, the impetus is more on paperless learning. The mother-teacher ensures the curriculum advised by the board is aligned with a child's pedagogy. The classroom itself is very colorful to arrest the interest and endless imagination of a child, the imprints of animations on the wall instantly connect with their gleeful mind fostering a playful and joyful learning environment. The teaching methodology used in dealing with nursery students is free and flexible; the playful initiation of topics is encouraged emphasizing purely conceptual learning. The activities used to convey the message are interactive and experimentative whilst monitoring the regular growth of the children.

Primary Section - Strengthening the foundation
The primary section is where the actions slowly start coming into the picture. The phase is as critical as a formative stage for a child to transcend through the middle section of school life smoothly. At North Point Residential School, the transition is seamless as a child is already introduced to a threshold of the primary stage through conceptual learning; the subjects are just a mere extension of what they learned before in their nursery stage.
The age factor we are looking here is between 6-10 and this is when a child starts appreciating the culture, tradition, and value of the surrounding environment. The positive inculcation of discipline through moral studies is instilled in a developing brain of a child. A creative mode of teaching and dealing with students are encouraged to get the best out of the students.

Middle Section - Building Aspirations
With basics on point, the child now slowly moves into rational thinking building blocks to realize the potential of their imagination. The concepts are now implemented, collective learning is encouraged, and multi-dimensional activities are introduced among children to identify their interests and start working on them. The emotions of children are put into perspective to understand them better and counseling sessions are held regularly to mold the attitude and approach of a student toward academics.

Secondary Section - Steady on the path
The child is still in the early stage of adolescence but is now exposed to the materialistic side of the world and here we need to be absolutely tactical to show them the right path to the future. We at North Point Residential School focus more on personal development, the emotions are dealt practically and a picture of the future is instilled in them through different disciplinary activities.

Senior Secondary Section - The Crossroads of life
The senior secondary section is where the child meets the first crossroads of life, but once they have selected the stream they wish to study then it is just a reinforcement of the knowledge they grasped in the last 10 years. Although the difficulty in getting familiar with a detailed syllabus as per the streams they have opted for is pretty natural but with the cognitive learning environment and flexible teaching methodology, it is just a matter of time before they start adopting, evolving, and enjoying every bit of new topic discussed in the classroom by our experienced faculty team.

The positive induction of smart classrooms in every class has done wonders in emulating the perfect classroom environment to induce knowledge. The audio-visual sessions add more to theoretical knowledge building a concrete foundation for every topic. Classroom discussions and debates are a regular routine to build confidence amongst students to express their thoughts.

Art, Culture, and Music
From the very outset, the importance of art, culture, and music are inculcated in the heart, minds, and souls of students. While in a nursery to primary the focus is more on colorful art and craft but as they move towards higher classes music, dance, elocution, choir, spell bee, debates, quiz competitions, public speaking, recitation, etc becomes more regular activities to keep students engaged and in all probability well aligned with the academics of the school.

Sports and outdoor activities
Indoor and outdoor activities under the strict supervision of a physical education teacher are conducted to ensure the uninterrupted growth of the child. From athletics to yoga and meditation, from basketball to volleyball, from badminton to Table tennis all types of games are played and perfected by students in a well-oriented environment of the school.

Counseling and workshops
Counseling sessions are directed to calibrate the potential of the students. Regular workshops related to intriguing topics are held to keep students updated and well verse with the paradigm of contemporary knowledge.